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Energy for Your Drive.

Safe, eco-friendly driving with your own vehicle – arrive relaxed at your destination. Few things fascinate people around the world like the issue of mobility. At the same time, mobility today is undergoing fundamental changes.

Continental Powertrain is laying the groundwork for these changes in the drive technology area.


We are one of the leading developers and manufacturers of solutions for efficient combustion engines. We are advancing development in terms of power increases in injection, turbochargers, transmission control units, sensor technology, actuators and exhaust after-treatment.


However, the future of drive technology has already begun: We are pioneers in the field of efficient system technology and economical vehicle integration in electric vehicles using electric power as an additional energy source. Our mobility solutions span the entire breadth of the vehicle market: Using intelligent principles such as scalability and our ability to combine solutions, we cover everything from two-wheeled vehicles to passenger cars and a wide variety of commercial vehicles – both electric and with combustion engines.


Both fields of innovation ultimately pursue the same goal: Lowering CO2 and emissions. This is the goal pursued by the Powertrain Division in the five solution areas electrification, connected energy management, combustion, exhaust after-treatment and drivetrain efficiency. This is also mirrored in the work of Powertrain´s five Business Units Engine Systems, Fuel & Exhaust Management, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Sensors & Actuators as well as Transmission.

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