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Connectivity and Digitalization makes innovative vehicle technology even more attractive

Intelligent solutions for information management, new mobility solutions, technologies for increased road safety, more-fuel-efficient drive systems: Continental is using the continuously growing possibilities of digitalization to help vehicle manufacturers, industries, and new market participants make mobility as enjoyable as possible. We demand and promote technologies that improve comfort and convenience while driving – in combination with topics such as vehicle safety and sustainability.​​​​​​​

Technical enhancement for the entire vehicle

As car drivers, we take many things for granted: electronic immobilizers, keyless entry and ignition systems, and user-friendly vehicle computers are now the minimum level of comfort and convenience expected in many vehicles. For years, we have been enhancing comfort and convenience in cars using the latest vehicle technology and are continually developing new solutions to make driving even more comfortable and convenient. The digitalization of our everyday living space now also allows the increasing integration of mobility as well. Future vehicles will not skimp on "perceived intelligence."

Making driving even more enjoyable

In addition to safety and efficiency, comfort is an increasingly important factor when it comes to customized mobility. Continental is supporting vehicle manufacturers worldwide in equipping a wide range of vehicle classes with intelligent and attractive functions. Whether for new drivers in small cars or professional drivers in commercial vehicles, Continental develops and provides complete systems that control interior comfort, such as intelligent climate control systems or individually climate-controlled car seats. Continental is available as a development partner for vehicle manufacturers. New possibilities are also emerging from the development of intelligent transportation systems . In the future, cloud-based software solutions from Continental will offer not only more convenience for drivers and passengers, but also for the transport industry.

Digitalization in the car industry

Digitalization offers Continental plenty of scope for development. From intelligent transportation systems to software and electronics in the vehicle, all this – closely interconnected – offers the opportunity for new functions and more efficiency as well as makes the cars of tomorrow even more attractive in the mobility mix. In its subsidiary Elektrobit, Continental offers a high-quality, specialized development partner for the continuously growing demand for software solutions in the automotive industry. Find out more about the possibilities and solutions of digitalization.

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Advanced driver assistance systems, security solutions, concepts for cleaner drives, and holistic connectivity: The list of pioneering products from Continental is expanding as the automotive industry continues its rapid shift towards software and mobility services. To demonstrate its interpretation of the digitalization of the automotive world, the international technology company has showcased a selection of products and services at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.