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Let your ideas shape the future – hundreds of job openings at Continental

Let your ideas shape the future – hundreds of job openings at Continental

“Let your ideas shape the future.” We mean this literally. Continental is looking for employees who are excited about contributing their ideas in all areas of the company – people who think outside the box, who are willing to venture off the beaten path, who are eager to shape the future with their diverse qualities, talents and experiences.

“Best fit” matches talents and skills to positions

It’s important to find the best possible match between applicant and position. At Continental, we call this the “best fit” – and it’s about more than just formal qualifications. Your general aptitudes and skill set, your experiences and motivation are all just as important as your CV and language skills, your report cards and certificates. Applicants can use the Continental job portal to find out exactly what each position requires – beyond professional qualifications. Just take a look at the section “qualifications” in each job ad to see what qualities are wanted – team spirit, intercultural competencies, initiative, problem-solving skills, organizational talent, the ability to get things done. Why is this important to us? Because we know that it’s not always the best grades or the straightest career path that deliver the “best fit” that will help us reach our goals.

Mexico, France or the Philippines? Finding global opportunities on the job portal

As an innovative, global technology company, we offer a wide range of different positions as well as attractive trainee programs, continuing professional education and career opportunities in an international setting. 

What career track do you want to pursue? Are you just starting out, or do you already have job experience? Is it your dream to work in the Philippines, Mexico, Russia or France? Are you looking for full-time or part time work? Continental’s job portal has numerous search filters to help you find your dream position among the hundreds of job openings.  Each job description comes with plenty of extra information about the location, special offers, additional links, similar positions and much more.

Diverse opportunities. Excellent prospects. Make the most of this opportunity.