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Continental employs more than 240,000 people in 59 countries and markets*, all working to provide smart, connected mobility – and make it safe, easy-to-use, sustainable and clean. People who are passionate about sharing their ideas , creating new products, igniting change and showing initiative to reach their goals. People who work together across sites and countries to bring trailblazing projects to fruition. People who know they are part of a global team. Because no one shapes the future alone.

An inspiring, open and rewarding corporate culture

Continental knows the importance of a corporate culture that is inspiring, open, and rewarding. According to a global employee survey, more than 80 percent of our people are proud to work for Continental. Our culture fosters individual talent and values constructive feedback and lifelong learning. All of our people – from machine operator to department head – take part in our success in the same transparent way. We believe in motivating our employees by ensuring they are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. And we remain expressly committed to the diversity of our workforce, even when faced with occasional resistance or skepticism. Because it takes different points of view, qualities, experiences and cultural perspectives to fuel the vision and innovation that are so essential to the success of our business.

Continental points the way with mobile and flexible working around the globe

Our flexibility initiative aims to help employees strike a better balance between their jobs and other aspects of their lives. At Continental, the policies governing mobile work, part-time and flex-time, as well as sabbaticals are implemented locally to ensure that requirements like local labor laws are taken into account. This makes us the first global corporation to offer its employees worldwide* such wide-reaching opportunities to work flexibly, regardless of their location or position in the hierarchy.

We also strive to ensure our employees enjoy a workplace  that protects their health – both physical and mental. Robots in the production area and the ongoing evolution of tools and platforms make work fundamentally easier, but they also mean changing established routines and adopting a new mindset. The digitalization of the workplace is confronting people with a challenge like no other. And sometimes this can lead to mental stress and overload. So we put high priority on boosting the resilience, health awareness, responsibility and autonomy of our employees. Continental offers numerous preventive health programs and initiatives aimed at minimizing health risks – from ergonomics to strategies for dealing with the effects of digitalization. And the statistics show that it works – for years now, the number of hours missed due to illness and the lost-time injury frequency rate have been steadily decreasing. The initiators of the Corporate Health Awards, Germany’s most prestigious prize for occupational health management, have honored Continental several times, most recently in 2016.

*starting with 21 countries where well over 90 percent of our global workforce is employed