Engineering & Technology

Engineering & Technology

Shaping the future in motion by combining ground-breaking technology with bold ideas.

Build products that move the world alongside our purpose-driven team. From smart cities to rubber made from dandelions, explore new approaches, and never stop learning as you innovate new products.

Business Areas

Add value across a wide range of departments, including:

  • Autonomous Mobility & Safety
    Play your part in improving road user safety when you contribute to new technologies with the potential to save lives — from electronic and hydraulic brakes to sensors, airbags, and more.
  • Vehicle Networking & Information
    Systems integration, cross-sector collaborations, and information flow define the VNI business. Solve complex communication challenges and keep information flowing between drivers, passengers, and vehicles as well as mobile devices and the outside world. 
  • Tires
    Define the future of tire technology to make vehicles safer, more fuel-efficient, and better suited to the unexpected.
  • Continental Industry
    Develop products, systems, and intelligent components for use across machine and plant engineering, mining, agriculture, the auto industry, and other industries of the future.

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