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Our Seven Strategic Dimensions

This is how we are securing our future sustainability.

  1. Value creation: We enhance the value of our company on a long-term basis.
  2. Regional sales balance: We distribute our sales in a balanced way around the world to reduce dependencies.
  3. Top market position: We are among the world’s three leading suppliers in terms of customer focus, quality and market share in the long term.
  4. In the market for the market: We develop and produce a large number of product applications on a local basis, working close to and with our customers.
  5. Balanced customer portfolio: We achieve growth through our business with carmakers and other mobility providers. We are increasingly diversifying our customer portfolio to become less dependent on the automotive industry.
  6. Technological balance: We expand our product portfolio – both pioneering and established technologies have a place in our product mix.
  7. Great people culture: This helps us to lay the foundations for a constant stream of new ideas and initiatives, a productive process of exchange and value-adding collaboration – for everyone in our global team.