Continental at the IAA 2018 - Make the Digital Leap!
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Mobility at your Service. Freedom to Live.

With Continental’s technology and systems expertise, our innovations push boundaries, using intelligent solutions to shape the future of intuitive and seamless mobility. At Continental, we believe in creating mobility solutions that give us freedom to live.

Automated Driving

Automated Driving technologies will enable a seamless mobility experience in the future with services and solutions like eHorizon and Automated Parking as well as their real-world and virtual testing.

The Trained Parking function records and stores the sequence of a parking procedure. When the procedure is to be repeated, at the touch of a button, the vehicle independently performs the previously learned parking procedure. © Continental AG

Connected Solutions

Continental’s Connected Solutions unlock the full potential of long and short range connectivity via Hybrid V2X and present solutions for vehicle data services and platforms.

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Environment Sensing

The consistent view of the surrounding is a prerequisite to making the vehicle react correctly, according to any given traffic situation. Continental showcases its surrounding sensor portfolio including cameras, radars and high flash lidar.

Cameras recognize a specific splash and spray pattern that can be detected as hydroplaning in its early phase © Continental AG

Smart Cities

Urban mobility is growing rapidly – both in scale and complexity. This is why cities are constantly looking for ways to make mobility safer, more comfortable and more sustainable.​​​​​​​

Digitalization enables mobility-related data from connected vehicles, smartphones and infrastructure to be harnessed to meet dynamic urban mobility requirements. © Continental AG

User Experience

Continental presents award-winning and revolutionary technologies creating the user experience of the future mobility.

Continental's smart autonomous door is the recipient of a CES 2019 Innovation Award. It will be on display in Continental's private booth at CES. © Continental AG