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      Continental and Aurora Partner to Deliver Autonomous Trucking Solutions
      Delivering the benefits of commercially scalable self-driving trucks to U.S. carriers and fleet operators.
      More Efficiency and Smoother Operations for Electric Vehicles
      Modern vehicles offer a new experience of mobility. Continental provides them with the senses required to do so.
      Child-Presence Detection Technology Aimed at Reducing Child Fatalities
      The technology integrates with Continental’s digital access technology (CoSmA) with no need for additional hardware

      Brimley Development Center

      Located in Michigan's Upper Penninsula, the Brimley Development Center is a year-round vehicle proving ground which serves as a test and development center for Electronic Brake Systems.

      As one of the nation’s most comprehensive winter vehicle testing facilities with over 21 different testing surfaces, the 540 acre facility offers customers an up-to-date, state-of-the-art automotive test site designed for year-round use. The Brimley Development Center also offers warm weather track configurations with a range of testing capabilities including artificial low-mu surfaces and an environmental chamber located adjacent to a 21 acre vehicle dynamics area.

      The employees at the Brimley Development Center are focused on developing best-in-class Electronic Braking Systems and providing the safest test and development environment necessary to meet the needs of all customers.

      Brimley Development Center Facts:

      • Founded in 1996
      • Large Vehicle Dynamics Area measuring 2500' L by 600' W
      • Secure campus with single point of entry
      • Year-round asphalt tests as well as snow and ice during the winter
      • Surfaces include spacious test pads, handling courses, various grades, and a specialty surface area with split-mu and alternating-mu
      • 18’ x 29’ environmental chamber allows for -40 deg to +140 deg F temperature testing
      • Private garage and office spaces available as well