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      From "Silver Bullet" to Safety

      Ally Brown is a Senior Employer Branding Specialist in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This is her #SafelyThere testimonial.​​​​​​​

      In 2012, I went to trade in my 10-year-old vehicle - nicknamed "the silver bullet" for all my speeding tickets - and I was told by one dealership "that thing belongs in a junk yard." He made a fair point, years of city driving in Washington, D.C. took a beating on my car. The front bumper was falling off, the whole side was scratched and scuffed with yellow paint from hitting a column in a parking garage, and the interior smelled like a box of crayons.

      Less than a year driving in my new grown-up car, I was on the beltway in someone's blind spot and was hit by a vehicle without Blind Spot Detection. My car flew across four lanes and into the shoulder. Everything happened so quickly, but luckily, I survived. Afterwards I was terrified to drive, especially when in another car’s blind spot.

      Several years later, after moving to the suburbs and starting a family, I now spend more time driving and safety is even more important to me – my speeding days are long gone. When purchasing our family car, we opted for the special edition with all the safety features.

      My Blind Spot Detection system and backup camera have helped me significantly, not only helping me to stay out of the body shop but also helping me to feel safer knowing that I have an extra set of eyes looking out for me and my family. I also feel a sense of relief when Blind Spot Detection is activated on other vehicles, knowing that this could have helped to prevent my car accident.

      While my reputation as a driver is not squeaky clean, the automated safety features on my new vehicle have given me the confidence I need as I drive our young kids. I’m proud to say I haven’t made a single scratch on my car since that accident and I am grateful that I haven’t been hit again.