A company that has a global presence also needs to take global responsibility. Continental embraces its social responsibilities and respects the laws and cultures of each country.

By ensuring our profitability, we lay the foundations for safeguarding jobs in many regions of the world. In addition, we want to create value for those who live and work near our locations as well.

Continental takes on social responsibility primarily on a decentralized, local basis. This also applies to the social commitment of the corporation and its locations, as well as to initiatives founded and run by dedicated company employees and supported in part by the company. Community projects, donations, and other charitable activities are initiated and managed, whenever possible, at the local level and at the discretion of the decentralized units. Our voluntary commitments are concentrated in three areas: social improvement and road safety, education and knowledge, and sport.

In particular emergency situations, Continental provides central support with national projects and challenges, and offers assistance in dealing with international catastrophes.