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      Driver Assistance Hackathon

      Experience the world of advanced driver assistance systems up close. Your ideas can contribute to making accidents a thing of the past. Work in a team to develop innovative solutions that will help make the dream of autonomous driving a reality.

      Date: September 14—15, 2019

      Location: Continental booth at IAA 2019, Frankfurt Fair

      Team: 20 people (five teams of four to five members each)

      To give you the chance to explore the entire IAA fairground, Continental will provide you an admission ticket already valid for the day before your challenge.

      Continental will also give you €100 toward your travel expenses and will cover food, drink and accommodation. After the event, just send us your travel receipts and we’ll reimburse you. All you need to do is make your own travel arrangements.

      The application period for #Fiction2Science at the IAA 2019 has expired. Use our pre-registration form to receive information on new #Fiction2Science events.

      The Challenge in Detail

      The task

      Automation will bring radical changes to some aspects of driving. Advanced driver assistance systems already allow the occupant to hand over vehicle guidance to the vehicle in certain situations. In the future, drivers will even have time for other activities in the car that are still impossible today. There will be a clear progression from partially automated to fully automated driving.

      Show us what you’re made of! Work in a team on the simulator and master the challenges it sets – or develop ideas for your own project. Use the information we provide to help you, i.e. the data the simulator collects about the environment and about itself: GPS data, traffic signs, lane markings, speed and acceleration. Once you’ve explored all relevant points thoroughly enough, it’s time to complete the route.

      Skills needed
      The equipment

      Good results can be achieved only in an excellent working environment. We’ll help you with all the technical resources you need. You need only bring your computer.

      And the winner is…

      The winner is the team whose vehicle is the most successful in completing two courses. However, the result must be backed up and well presented. The final presentation will therefore be divided into two parts: presentation and test. Both will be assessed by a jury.

      Each participant of the winning team will receive an Amazon coupon worth € 200.