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      Automotive Cloud & Connectivity Challenge

      Automotive Cloud and Connectivity Challenge

      In this challenge, you can experience the mobility of the future by using cloud services to connect vehicles with the traffic infrastructure. This will involve processing data from vehicle sensors and optimizing data transfer to the cloud. In the cloud, you can then combine this data with additional information (e.g. from weather services). Using all this information, your task is to produce as accurate a model as possible of the actual vehicle surroundings. 

      Date and time: 5 p.m. on May 23, 2019, to 4:30 p.m. on May 25, 2019

      Location: Nuremberg

      Team: 20 participants (four teams of five)

      Continental will give you €100 toward your travel expenses and will cover food, drink and accommodation. After the event, just send us your travel receipts and we’ll reimburse you. All you need to do is make your own travel arrangements.

      The Challenge in Detail

      The task

      The ability to combine and use vehicle data in the cloud will play an important role in the mobility of the future. A wide range of sensor data from the vehicle is transferred to the cloud, where it undergoes further processing and is also overlaid with other traffic data before being made available to the vehicle again.

      The challenge will be completed in teams and consists of two key parts:

      1) You will use software algorithms to prepare sensor data on a separate embedded hardware system and transferring this to the cloud. One key aim here is to optimize the volume of data in such a way that no irrelevant information is transferred, thereby making the best possible use of the limited bandwidth available.

      2) You will then combine this data in the cloud with additional information. Using all this information, your task is to produce as accurate a model as possible of the actual vehicle surroundings.

      This task will be completed in teams and could also be broken down into subtasks delegated among team members depending on their knowledge and experience.

      Skills needed

      Skills needed

      • Initial programming experience with C/C++ or alternatively Java, Python, C# or Node.js
      • Knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, HTTP/REST, CSS, Javascript or JSON (a plus but definitely not essential)
      • Do you already have some basic experience with Amazon Web Services? That’s perfect if you do, because this knowledge will also come in useful in your team.
      The Equipment

      Continental will provide the complete embedded hardware system (based on Raspberry Pi) and a software framework for data transfer to the cloud.  Sensor data from the vehicle and cloud access (AWS) will also be provided. All you have to do is bring your own computer. 

      And the winner is...

      The winner takes it all! The team which used the availability of its services and the extraction of as many flags as possible to collect the most points will win the contest.

      Each participant of the winning team will receive an Amazon coupon worth € 200.