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      Emotional electric mobility

      My job is done when 48V solutions become the new normal.

      Name: Stefan Egerer

      Field of Study: Mechatronics focusing on product development (Germany)

      Current Position: Head of Global Program Management, Vehicle Electrification

      Start at Continental: 2007 as a Launch Manager and Industrial Engineer Operations in Vehicle Dynamics (Frankfurt, Germany)​​​​​​​

      Stefan’s vision for 2030 is that the majority of vehicles will be powered purely by electricity. To achieve this, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle business unit is currently working on belt starter generators and 48-volt DC/DC electronics. These are used to save CO² and achieve greater driving comfort. Continental is, therefore, making a positive contribution to further reducing CO² emissions worldwide.

      For Stefan, the current transition of electric mobility from niche to mass market is an extremely exciting period that also makes the topic an emotional one. The mass introduction of electric solutions makes him and his colleagues very proud. That's why they work every day to find the best solution for our customers.

      Continental also offers very flexible working models and many opportunities to work remotely or at different locations. Stefan actively does this, as does his team.

      Sound like an exciting challenge? If so, the video will give you more insight into Stefan’s work. You can also take a look at the Continental Job Portal for open positions in electrification.