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The ProMotion Program

You did a super job during your internship or work placement! Which is why Continental would really like to stay in contact with you and has created the student retention program ProMotion for precisely this reason. Furthermore you need to be enrolled as a student for at least two more semesters to take part in ProMotion

How to join the program

A number of aspects are important for becoming eligible for the program:

  • Excellent performance during the internship or work placement at Continental
  • Place on a MINT course or a Business Management program specializing in Technology and Natural Sciences
  • Remaining length of study of at least two more semesters
  • Excellent English language skills and time spent abroad or an interest in gaining intercultural experience
  • Enrolled in a university / university of Applied Sciences in Germany

If you meet these requirements and impressed your internship supervisor with your abilities and performance, discuss the option of being nominated for the ProMotion Program!