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At our location in Santa Clara, California (USA), engineers and software developers from around the world channel their energies into exciting topics like automated driving, electric mobility, connectivity, and mobility services. And they couldn’t be in a more suitable place. Located to the southeast of San Francisco, Silicon Valley is home to a unique concentration of companies in the electronics, telecommunications, and computer hardware and software sectors. Our neighbors include leading technology companies and some 10,000 other firms of various sizes, including a range of startups. And this is also a meeting place for cultures, experts and talents from across the globe ­– diversity which our corporation benefits from.

The video shows why we decided to establish a presence in Silicon Valley and how our team there is helping to shape the future of mobility.

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Since the end of 2013, an international team has been working in the valley of the digital future, collaborating with other Continental locations to create the mobility of tomorrow. In 2017 the location was expanded to include a new research and development center. Measuring around 6,000 square meters, it houses modern laboratories, workshops and offices where up to 300 experts from across all business units are working on pioneering solutions for intelligent and connected mobility.

A Special Working Environment Creates Space for Creative Ideas

Our employees appreciate the advantages of Silicon Valley – a workplace in the California sun, a team with colleagues from around the world, and an atmosphere that provides fresh inspiration every day. Plus they are working on things that will change society and make people’s lives safer. They are rethinking mobility, giving the car a voice and connecting it with other systems. Their ultimate goal? Accident-free driving.

Our workstations in Silicon Valley incorporate Feng Shui principles and are designed to be spacious and light. There is a free lunch buffet, and teams of employees regularly volunteer at the neighborhood’s Second Harvest Food Bank, an organization that works to ensure that edible food is not wasted.

Would you like to be part of our diverse team in Santa Clara? You can find information on all our job openings in Silicon Valley in the Continental job portal.