Ambassador Program 2020

Continental Ambassadors

Continental is setting technology standards in many industries. The Continental Ambassador Program is here to show the world our expertise and culture through the eyes and voice of our employees who shape the future in motion.

Voluntarily, on top of their regular job, our ambassadors choose themselves what they would like to do: whether lecturing at schools or universities, speaking at conferences, or meet-ups, mentoring at hackathons or even publishing on social media. Of course, they receive the necessary support from our leaders and from HR, in terms of equipment for events, content ideas and training.

The ambassador program is rolled out in several of our locations worldwide. Let some of our colleagues tell you more about how they experience the Ambassador role:

Our Ambassadors

Alena Zingel, Germany

As an Ambassador, I go to university events and tell the new students of my former degree program about my previous career as well as past and current projects at Continental. In this way, I have learned to value my position even more and I am always happy to give examples to the students and point out career opportunities that can already begin with an internship.

Alexandru Nistor, Romania

The Ambassador role helped me improve my presentation skills and has offered me the chance to collaborate with professors from the university I graduated from - a business collaboration and not a student - teacher one.

Matt Mendrygal, US

I wouldn’t be here today if not for my mentors, so I feel it’s my duty to give back to the next generation. I enjoy being a voice for change at Continental

Natalie Deffrenne, France

I joined the Ambassador Program 2 years ago and have been mainly involved in participating in engineering school forums, to present Continental Automotive's activities and to attract the best student profiles to our job offers.

I appreciated to see over time that the students no longer saw us only as a tire manufacturer but also as a major player in the field of autonomous and connected vehicles.

Ina Seterbakken, Mexico

Being a Continental Ambassador is very special to me. In my conferences I focus on the company culture we have, the people and opportunities for young people and especially women in Continental. It has been wonderful to present in front of students, universities, government, media and automotive symposiums. I believe we need to show the public how we are a people driven company that has opportunities and focusses on tech. I am a Conti Ambassador to Inspire People!

Charles Crosby, US

Being an ambassador will give me to the tools needed to establish and build a better professional network

Jonathan Bonnet, France

As a Continental Ambassador, I am happy to share my knowledge and my experience with students and invite them to share with us our vision for the future of automotive!

Adrian Zaharia, Romania

For me, being part of Continental Ambassador Program is a great opportunity through the diversity of experiences I can get involved in. I am excited to be involved in the development of programs and events dedicated to students and to see that the company I work for is such an active partner in supporting education and research. I had the pleasant surprise of meeting new people, seeing my college professors again and giving something back to the place where I started as a professional. In the end, the greatest satisfaction is that we are helping today's students to become tomorrow's experts!

Lucile Echgut, France

Being an Ambassador is a wonderful experience. It helps us improve our communication skills and to attract students. Moreover, we manage to show that the automotive industry is also an attractive world for women.

Maria Militaru, US

I want to make a difference in consumer education regarding​ new technologies

Gabriel Lastofka, Romania

Continental offered me a job opportunity since college and I like to give something back to an organization that has impacted my life for so many years. I am lucky to be in the position to share my knowledge with others, especially when I can utilize my skills at different events to spread the vision and products of Continental.