A Continental employee shows his colleague a product.
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For One Another

We attain top value with a spirit for one another.

Our company’s viability and development depend, in particular, on the close cooperation of our global team and on working for one another. We stand united, combining our forces across the organization and putting aside individual interests. In this way, we achieve the greatest possible value and success for Continental.

We stand up for and can rely on each other. We provide mutual support to one another, mindfully and without being specifically asked to do so. We work for one another, making everyone’s work easier each day and enhancing everyone’s greatness. We share our knowledge because that is how we can increase it. We state our position clearly and communicate in an open and candid manner – even when talking about mistakes we have made and averted. After all, that is what helps us constantly learn from one another.

We appreciate the diversity of people, their expertise and experiences in our company because we need them and draw on them daily as a source of inspiration and creativity.

The way to set an example can be described and recognized as follows:

  • Appreciating and incorporating the diversity
    We actively involve diverse backgrounds as a source of inspiration, creativity and innovation.
  • Willingness to share
    We all make knowledge accessible throughout our organization and enable each other to adapt quickly to changing environments.
  • Honor
    We actively promote and seek frequent, direct and honest feedback on our performance, including behavior.
  • Cohesion
    We celebrate individual and collective success together.
  • Team spirit/network behavior
    We foster network behavior and enable and encourage each other to work together across organizational and cultural interfaces.
  • Bundling forces
    We work together for the value of Continental and not primarily to our own advantage.