Our Mission: What Is Our Field of Activity?

The future starts earlier with Continental.

We are aware of our role in society and the responsibility that comes with it. Our goal is to actively protect the resources available on our planet. That is why our actions are characterized by the constant pursuit of higher efficiency.

We are conscientious people who help others around the world fulfill their dreams of mobility. Mobility and transport are essential elements of our lives. We want to play our part in meeting the high expectations related to this. As a responsible, leading company and the partner of choice, we invent, develop, produce and market indispensable and pioneering technological solutions.

We are guided here by social trends, such as the rapid growth of the world’s population and the resulting increase in urbanization, demographic changes and – in particular – globalization. Four megatrends can be derived from these global developments. They form the foundation of our strategy and our business activities:

  • Safety – our aim: zero accidents
    To protect life and conserve resources
  • Information – our aim: saving time, increasing comfort
    Intelligent mobility through constantly connected driving
  • Environment – our aim: clean air
    Resource-efficient and emission-free driving
  • Affordable mobility – our aim: individual mobility for all
    Enabling more freedom and opportunities

​​​​​For people and society, our solutions therefore mean the protection of life and health, a higher quality of life, faster progress, increased environmental protection, as well as more opportunities to personally shape the future. We thus assume social and corporate responsibility by advancing sustainable mobility.