Two Continental employees give each other a high five.
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Passion To Win

We have the passion to win.

Competition is our world, top performance is our goal. We want to create value continuously. For this, we give our best.

Our products and services always meet our highest quality standards. We bring new and innovative products and solutions to market faster than others. We continuously improve our products and solutions. We continually simplify our processes. We overcome obstacles and boundaries. And we never let up in these endeavors.

We want first class performance with style, on the merits of our own culture. We provide loyal and genuine support to our stakeholders (such as customers, employees, investors, business partners, politicians and society). We are ethical in dealing with our competitors.

The way to set an example can be described and recognized as follows:

  • Fighting Spirit
    We challenge existing limits and are thus a driving force for progress.
  • Quality Orientation
    We make quality the prime focus of our daily life.
  • Execution Excellence/Agility
    We reward excellence, and address substandard performance.
  • Passion
    We are passionate about adding value to our customers and thus to all stakeholders of Continental.
  • Fairness
    We are accomplishing success while maintaining fair competition and do not tolerate anti-competitive behavior.
  • Constant Learning
    We promote lifelong learning along with personal and professional development.