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Electronic Submission of Supplier Invoices

A brief step-by-step guide on how to send us invoices via e-mail

The Accounts Payable department at Continental AG and Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH provides a streamlined invoice processing process that has been adapted to comply with the currently available options permissible by law. This means that we will be able to process invoices submitted electronically as PDF documents. Our goal is to have all suppliers convert to sending us electronic invoices as long as technical requirements are fulfilled.

As a supplier, converting to electronic submission offers you an inexpensive and quick way to send in your invoices and allows us to process invoices promptly.

Please complete our contact form if you would like to send invoices to Continental AG or Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH via e-mail.

If you wish to submit invoices electronically to a different Continental Corporation company, please contact the relevant Accounts department at that company.

Electronic Invoice Submission Criteria

The following criteria must be complied with for reasons related to processing technology:

  • A PDF document must be created for each invoice
  • Attachments (such as proof of performance) may not be sent via multiple e-mails or files, but instead must be included in the PDF document
  • The invoice and attachments must be separated via a divider (PDF, 105.3 KB)
  • Multiple invoices may be sent separately in a single e-mail (max. 10 MB per e-mail)
  • The e-mail’s subject line must include one of the following signal words, depending on the type of document being e-mailed: Invoice or credit note
  • In Addition, if you can modify the subject line, please add the invoice number, date and your vendor name
  • Only invoices or credit notes may be sent. Please contact your contact person in Accounts Payable directly for other correspondence such as payment reminders, balance confirmations, etc.
  • Please send invoices only once. Neither additional dispatch by mail nor copies sent to company employees are required
  • If you do not fulfill these requirements, we reserve the right to return to our previous process (sending invoices by mail).