Brandýs nad Labem

Brandýs nad Labem

The Continental Automotive plant in Brandýs nad Labem is a global supplier of automotive electronics for many global brands. The history of the plant dates back to the state-owned enterprise PAL Kbely. The Brandýs plant has been a part of Continental Corporation since 2007 and now has almost 2,500 employees.

In addition to its modern production facilities for electronics and mechanical fuel injection units, the plant also has its own plastic molding and painting shop, where some of the parts for the electronics production lines are manufactured. The plant also makes use of Optical Bonding technology to increase display contrast.

Brandýs nad Labem is also home to an R&D center with its own prototyping facility, which works on product development not only for Brandýs, but also for other Continental plants around the world. Laboratories equipped with the latest testing technology oversee the quality of the products.


Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o. 

Průmyslová 1851

250 01 Brandýs nad Labem


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Freephone number for career-related questions: +420 800 100 618

Reception phone number: +420 326 931 500

Products & Solutions

The Brandýs nad Labem plant specializes in the production of interior electronics and automotive control units. Its main products include:

  • multimedia systems
  • dashboard instruments
  • car radios
  • air conditioning control panels
  • center consoles for vehicle information systems

In addition to these products, all of which are visible in the car, the Brandýs plant also produces eCall electronic systems and other control units. The Brandýs product portfolio also includes mechanical fuel supply units.

​​​​​​​Infotainment systems​

Connectivity and telematics

Fuel Systems

Multimedia Systems

Instrument clusters