Continental s.r.o. in Otrokovice is Europe's largest manufacturer of tires for passenger, light commercial, freight and specialist vehicles and buses. The rubber industry goes back a long time in the region, a history that began with renowned Czech shoe manufacturer Tomáš Baťa in 1932, when he began producing tires for the trucks transporting his shoes throughout the country and beyond. 1972 saw the official opening of a tire factory in nearby Otrokovice, which now employs over 5,000 employees.

More than 21 million passenger and light truck tires and nearly 1.4 million truck and industrial tires are manufactured every year in this industrial zone.



Continental Barum s.r.o.

Objízdná 1628

765 02 Otrokovice


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Switchboard phone number: +420 577 511 111

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The Otrokovice plant is also an important manufacturer of tires with the ContiSealTM (self-sealing of tire treads damaged by foreign objects) and ContiSilentTM (noise reduction in the vehicle interior by up to 9 dB) technologies. The engineering and manufacture of vulcanization molds with 3D steel printing of sipes and segments is also a key part of the Otrokovice production area.

The Otrokovice plant produces tires for the premium Continental brand, as well as the special brands Uniroyal, Semperit and General Tire, the budget brands Barum and Matador, and many others.

Continental Barum has implemented an environmental management system certified according to ISO 14 001:2005 and an occupational safety management system according to OHSAS 18 001:2008. Certification and recertification audits are carried out annually by independent auditing companies in accordance with the above standards. Other certifications held by the plant include ISO ČSN 50001:2012 in the field of energy management systems and ISO/TS 16949:2009 in quality management.

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