ADAS Budapest

ADAS Budapest

The mission of the Continental ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) business unit is to promote an accident-free future. Our Budapest-based artificial intelligence development center is a member of our international network where dedicated experts are working on making the technologies required to ensure traffic safety is accessible as quickly as possible to mobile individuals.

By applying the process of perception - planning - action, we are developing solutions that will help mobile individuals to avoid unwanted traffic situations.

The key objective of Continental's artificial intelligence competence center is to devise engineering techniques that pave the way for the development of "reliable artificial intelligence". We feel it is important that the process of developing a product with intelligent features is carried out with scientific rigor without involving random tests. We are creating the mobility of the future in downtown Budapest, which is an inspiring, modern environment.


Continental Automotive Hungary Kft. (ADAS)

1092 Budapest, Köztelek utca 6., CityGate II irodaház



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