Dolné Vestenice

Dolné Vestenice

The company ContiTech Vibration Control Slovakia s.r.o., was established in 1996 with headquarters in Dolné Vestenice (Prievidza District).  With over 650 employees, it is the largest plant of the Vibration Control commercial unit in the world.  

The company has a certified IATF 16949:2016 quality management system in place. Currently, the plant processes more than 800 different materials, which it uses to manufacture more than 2,000 different products.


ContiTech Vibration Control Slovakia s.r.o.

Gumárenská ulica 395/19

972 23 Dolné Vestenice

Products & Solutions

The plant is divided into three different production segments:

Automotive – the production segment for automotive customers for whom the plant produces and supplies, for example, upper shock absorber mountings, engine anti-vibration elements and transmissions.

Industry – a segment covering a wide portfolio of customers from agriculture, through maritime transportation, livestock production, industrial machines to products for the mining industry.

SSC (Sealing system chassis) – this segment specializes in products mainly for the automotive industry, predominantly brake and steering elements such as brake booster diaphragms or axle sleeves. 

The plant also has its own Research and Development Center for all three segments and a prototype test center.