Dr. Elmar Degenhart
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Why invest in Continental?

Sustainable mobility requires the development of solutions that go way beyond the single vehicle.

Dr. Elmar Degenhart, CEO.

  • New solutions for connectivity, electrification and self-driving vehicles increase safety, make mobility easier for all and improve efficiency.
  • Smart cities can use Continental technology to improve traffic flow, reduce accidents and lower emissions.

The equity story of Continental:

Individual Mobility - We are well positioned for the Automotive Future

Technological Leadership - We Shape Megatrends with Innovations

​​​​​Automated driving - the future is now


  • Fully automated valet parking - Pull up and have your car parked for you
  • The Cruising Chauffeur - Highly automated driving on highways is no longer just pie in the sky. The Cruising Chauffeur function gives vehicles the ability to take over the driving task on highways in accordance with the national traffic regulations. 
  • Self Driving Car Project CUbE (Continental Urban Mobility Experience) is a development platform for the wide range of Continental technologies that are needed for the operation of driverless mobility systems in future.  Continental is already testing out these scenarios at its Frankfurt site.


  • Cloud Connectivity:  Whether it is infrastructure data, map data, data from other vehicles or third-party vendors, the cloud is the central place for collecting and processing this data. In order to carry out these tasks efficiently, quickly - in the sense of latencies - and safely, Continental uses its own cloud solution the Continental.cloud.
  • Cyber Security: In the future the vehicle is permanently and seemlessly connected. This serves for new functions in the car and beyond. Functions such as wireless updates to vehicle electronics are accompanied by risks, especially when it comes to data transfer between the car an its environment. Therefore for Continental cyber security is at the heart of the development of products and services.


With its comprehensive technology toolkit, Continental offers vehicle manufacturers the components and systems they need to gradually bring tailor-made electrification to the roads, from start/stop technologies as well as 48-volt and hybrid componetns to systems for purely electric vehicles.

Global Player - We Are No. 3 in Worldwide Supplier Ranking

Our Goal: To be among the three leading suppliers in terms of customer focus, quality and market share in the long term in all relevant markets.

How our divisions are positioned:

Autonomous Mobility and Safety (AMS)Among the top three for Elctronic Brake Systems, Foundation Brake Systems, Actuation, Airbag Electronics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems worldwide
Vehicle Networking and Information (VNI)Among the top three for Body & Security, Instrumentation & Driver HMI, Infotainment & Connectivity and Commercial Verhicles worldwide
Tires Number four in the world, while we are also in top positions in individual segments and markets in this areas
ContiTechGlobal leader in rubber and plastics technologies
Vitesco Technologies (formerly  Powertrain Division)
One of the world's leading powertrain suppliers

Cash Generation - Investors Benefit From Our Success

Free cash flow in € million before acquistions
(and certain exceptional effects, if any)

1,3511,936 2,3492,2872,7012,015