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      Questions, Video Statements and Objections

      Shareholders may address questions to the Executive Board via the InvestorPortal. Questions must be submitted via the InvestorPortal no later than one days prior the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, that means by the end of day on April 27, 2021, 24:00 hours (CEST).

      Shareholders may submit comments in the form of a video message via the InvestorPortal up to one day in advance of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, i.e. by no later than the end of the day on April 27, 2021, 24:00 hours (CEST).

      Shareholders can also raise their objections against resolutions of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting by clicking the “Objection” button provided on the InvestorPortal.

      Once registration and proof of share ownership have been received by the company, shareholders will be sent a registration confirmation for the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Together with the registration confirmation for the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, shareholders will receive access data for the InvestorPortal, where they can exercise their rights and perform actions.