Continental Matador Rubber, s.r.o. and Continental Matador Truck Tires s.r.o. are companies with a long tradition in the rubber industry, and 1950 was an important milestone, when tire production was officially launched in Púchov.

Continental Matador Rubber, s.r.o. Púchov is one of the top 5 largest European tire manufacturers for passenger, light goods and SUV vehicles, ranging from 13 to 20 inches. Sales activities are split between the spare parts and primary equipment markets. In 2017, the company produced almost 14.7 million tires for passenger, light goods and SUV vehicles, and it employs more than 3,000 employees.

Continental Matador Truck Tires s.r.o. Púchov is the largest production plant for truck and bus tires in Europe. In 2017, the company produced 2.8 million truck tires in the 19.5 and 22.5 inch range, and it employs more than 1,500 employees.


Continental Matador Rubber, s.r.o.

Terézie Vansovej 1054

020 01 Púchov

Products & Solutions

The production plant for passenger and light truck tires manufactures the following brands: Continental, Matador, Uniroyal, Barum, Semperit, Mabor, Viking, General Tire, Gislaved and Sportiva. The Púchov plant is also a major manufacturer of SSR tires with reinforced sidewall technology, which allow the vehicle to continue to run in the event of a puncture without the need for a spare wheel. The company has a quality management system in place, which is regularly reviewed by inspection and re-certification audits and currently the company has the following certificates in the area of tire casing development and production: certificate for a quality management system according to the IATF 16 949:2016 standard issued by the certifying body TÜV Nord. 

The production plant for truck tires manufactures the following brands: Continental, Matador, Uniroyal, Barum, Semperit, General Tire and other brands of the Continental portfolio. The Púchov plant is the only Continental plant to produce tires with “zero bumper”, “wide – base” and “Triple A” technologies. The company has a certified IATF 16 949:2016 quality management system in place. The TÜV Nord certifying body issued the certificate for “Development and Production of Truck Tires” in accordance with the above standard following a successful recertification audit in May 2018. 

The Technology Center is the second largest within R&D in the Continental Tires Division. The subject of business is the development of primary and replacement tires, mold design, membranes, technical benchmarks, component and platform development, raw material introduction, virtual development of passenger and truck tires, tire development simulation, testing – testing engineering, ContiKit testing, internal tire testing and analysis, and measurements in physical, mechanical and chemical laboratories. 

The Púchov plant Conveyor Belt Group is part of the ContiTech division of Continental. CBG Púchov is a specialist in conveyor transport solutions. More than 120 employees work on “Smart Solutions Beyond Rubber” every day. We have implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system issued by the DQS certifying body and we produce rubber-textile and steel cord conveyor belts and jointing material under the Matador brand according to DIN 22102, EN 14890, SANS 1173 and other important standards. The sales team, which is also part of the plant, is available to customers from the mining and industrial sector in Eastern and Central Europe, and South Africa.