CES 2020

Mobility is the Heartbeat of Life

Continental at CES 2020

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, Continental has presented its vision of the mobility of the future along the megatrends of networking and automated driving

The focus was not only on the vehicles themselves, their connection to the driver and the environment, but also on the entire living space of mobility in the intelligent city of tomorrow. 

Along the motto "Mobility is the Heartbeat of Life," the technology company demonstrated how innovative mobility services, solutions and exciting product developments can help make people's lives comfortable, safe and energy efficient. 

Mobility is the Heartbeat of Life. © Continental AG

On our media tour through the private exhibit, the Executive Board members Helmut Matschi and Frank Jourdan as well as Chief Technology Officer Dirk Abendroth were available for interviews by journalists. 

Continental Press Conference

Please find here a recording of our press conference at CES 2020:

Consumer Electronics Show 2020 © Continental AG

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