Nahbereichsradar - Rechtsabbiegeassistent

Short Range Radar – Right-Turn Assist


Emergency brake assist for turning right when a cyclist is approaching (parallel to the vehicle), high-resolution display of a 360° environment model generated by radar.


  • Short Range Radar SRR520
  • Detection of a cyclist before turning right 
  • Brake intervention when turning right to avoid a dangerous situation

In Addition 

  • High-resolution, radar-generated 360° environment display taking static and dynamic objects into account
  • Free space detection as a basis for extended safety functions such as an Emergency Steer Assist

Driving Experience

  • EuroNCAP 2020+ scenario
  • Active safety through an emergency brake assist, in a (technically) complex to detect situation 
  • Very accurate imaging of the environment purely through radar technology
  • In the truck sector, a right turn assistant is already required by law; we show that this is also a safety benefit for cyclists when used in the passenger car sector.


  • Another step towards Vision Zero
  • Prevention of accidents
  • More safety for riders and cyclists
  • Driver is supported in a complex situation