Tires Division

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Tires Division

The Tire division develops and manufactures innovative products for cars, SUV, light trucks and vans, trucks, buses, special vehicles, as well as motorcycles and bicycles. Please find here your contacts for press inquiries.

Contact Media & Public Relations Passenger Car Tires

Cordula Ressing

Cordula Ressing Head of External Communication Phone: +49 511 938-2615 E-mail:

Klaus Engelhart

Klaus Engelhart Press Spokesman Passenger Car Tires / Germany, Austria, Switzerland Phone: +49 511 938-2285 E-mail:

Kai Rühling

Kai Rühling Senior PR Consultant & Content Management PLT Tires EMEA Phone: +49 511 938-2370 E-mail:

Patrick Erdmann

Patrick Erdmann Press Officer - Online, Sponsoring and Internal Communication Phone: +49 511 938-2503 E-mail:

Ildiko Kovacs

Ildiko Kovacs Locations Communications Manager Tire Division Worldwide Phone: +49 511 976-36221 E-mail:

Communications Commercial Vehicle Tires, Tire Division

Christiane Pfeiffer

Dr. Christiane Schöning Head of Communications Commercial Vehicle Tires Phone: +49 (0) 511 938 2683 E-mail:

Michael Nehring

Michael Nehring Manager Media Relations Passenger and Truck Tires Region Europe, Middle East & Africa Phone: +49 (0) 511 938 21813 E-mail:

Jürgen Sorg

Jürgen Sorg Head of Media Relations & PR Truck Tires EMEA Phone: +49 511 938 2206 E-mail:

Anika Hannig

Anika Hannig Spokeswoman Commercial Specialty Tires Phone: +49 511 938-2533 E-mail: