New IceContact 3 from Continental Scores Top Marks in Tests in Sweden

  • IceContact 3 wins winter tire tests conducted by Swedish auto magazines Vi Bilägare and Teknikens Värld
  • Teknikens Värld writes: “Clearly this new tire has raised the bar.”


Hanover, September 23, 2019. The results of the first winter tire tests of the year have been published in Sweden and Continental’s IceContact 3 has won them both. As Swedish car magazine Vi Bilägare (issue 12/19) puts it: “Continental has raised winter tire grip to a new level.” The magazine awarded the IceContact 3 top marks on both ice and snow. According to the testers from Teknikens Värld (issue 20/19): “The level of grip served up by the IceContact 3 combined with its good traction and the resultant level of safety is overwhelming. Clearly this new tire with its 192 studs has raised the bar.”

The test line-up comprised 26 winter tires in size 225/50 R 17 from European, U.S. and Asian manufacturers. The test vehicle was a Volvo V60. The IceContact 3, which is manufactured at the Continental tire plant in Korbach, Germany, was specially developed for the cold Nordic climate. The newly developed stud technology goes by the name of ContiFlexStuds and delivers strong grip and much lower noise levels.

Teknikens Värld also ranked last year’s winner – the studless Continental VikingContact 7 – in second place, and had this to say about it: “The VikingContact 7, a tire specially adapted to suit the special Nordic conditions, impressed us with its great grip on snow and ice, and proved a match for the studded tires in our tests.”


Klaus Engelhart

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