Consumers Continue to Put Their Trust in Winter Tyres

  • New WinterContact TS 870 to be produced in a range of sizes for compact and mid-range cars
  • Around 80 percent of drivers continue to switch to winter tyres
  • Demand for winter tyres in sizes up to 17 inches remains high

Hanover, February 2020. The new WinterContact TS 870 from Continental will be launched this coming autumn. For the market launch, Continental is planning to manufacture 19 sizes for 14- to 17-inch rims, suitable for subcompact, compact and mid-range models. The portfolio will be further expanded in time for the 2021 winter season. This segment remains the largest in terms of demand for winter tyres in Western and Central Europe. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone, from 2017 to 2019 demand for these winter tyres totaled between some 23 and 25 million units. Demand is also strong in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where in the past three years around 7 million winter tyres in these sizes were sold. While experts predict that the trend toward larger, wider tyres will continue, demand for 15-, 16-, and 17-inch winter tyres remains high. According to Continental’s own specialists, just the three sizes – 185/65 R 15 T, 195/65 R 15 T and 205/55 R 16 H – which are typically fitted to compact and mid-range models, account for a good 25 percent of winter tyre sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And these dimensions are among the favourites in Western and Central Europe as well.

The vast majority of drivers still change their tyres to suit the season. Continental’s experts confirm that some 80 percent of car owners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland switch to winter tyres for the cold season, so that they can continue to drive safely even when the weather turns bad. When buying new tyres, it is still the case that drivers turn to their tyre dealers for advice and consult the relevant tests in car magazines before choosing the right product for their needs. That explains why winter tyres that have demonstrated their high performance in such tests, tyres like the WinterContact product family from Continental, are among the most popular with consumers. Since the WinterContact TS 860 was first produced in 2016, the tyre has been awarded the highest level of recommendation in 36 tests out of 37.

Its successor, the new WinterContact TS 870, will be available for a wide range of cars from the outset. By way of example, the smallest size will fit the VW up!, while in the compact class there will be tyres for the VW Golf and the Citroen C4, among others. For more sporty models, including the BMW 1-Series and 3-Series, the new Continental winter tyre will help ensure safe driving throughout the cold season.


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