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      Comprehensive Climate Protection for Everyone

      We make it possible, each and every day of the week.

      In the race for the healthy ecosystem of future mobility, we are asserting our leading position with our extensive product range and expanding that position even further. We are concentrating fully on fast-growing, forward-looking technologies while further accelerating their development. One of the most important areas of focus, and for us the most promising, is the combination of electronics, software and sensors.

      With new functions, the amount of software in the vehicle will rise tenfold in the next 10 years. We will benefit from this software boom, because Continental has over 51,000 engineers working on new trends and technologies, of whom already more than 20,000 are software and IT experts. They are developing the high-performance computers for the vehicles of the future, enabling a high degree of connectivity. This makes it possible to install new functions as well as safety updates, which are downloaded via a wireless connection.

      Our new vehicle computers are reducing complexity. And they are raising driving ease to new levels. New all-electric vehicles for large-scale production are benefiting from this, for example. We are doing pioneering work here, which is putting us at the forefront when it comes to software expertise for connected cars.

      Our high-performance software, sensors and electronics are at the heart of assisted and automated driving. With sales of €2 billion in 2019, we are a leader in this field. We continue to achieve strong growth with these safety technologies. Last year alone, order intake in this area amounted to nearly €4 billion. From a technical standpoint, we are currently one of the few providers worldwide capable of supplying systems that enable highly automated driving on freeways. As you can see, we are shaping the future!

      The same goes for our tires. Thanks to their especially low rolling resistance, for example, our tires for hybrid and electric cars offer increased range while also ensuring longer tire life. Our Taraxagum technology, with its rubber derived from the dandelion plant, also provides a future alternative to rubber from tropical trees.

      We are even reinventing the tire for greater energy efficiency, and we are making it more intelligent with sensors and software. In the future, tires from Continental will collect data and provide the driver with reliable information not only on the temperature and tire pressure, but also on the depth of the tire tread. Damage will be detected at an early stage to prevent accidents. In doing so, we are boosting safety and tire life, thus minimizing unnecessary downtimes.

      Our technologies make driving and roads safer, cleaner, more intuitive, and intelligently connected. They protect all relevant environments: ecological, economic and social. This is comprehensive climate protection for everyone, and we make it possible, each and every day of the week.