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“It’s time to put road accidents in a museum. And that’s no longer a utopian vision. Technologies such as our driver assistance systems and premium tires are ready to play their part. Assistance systems keep the vehicle in lane and on the road, monitor the blind spot, brake autonomously or call for help in an emergency. Tires from the premium Continental brand present excellent braking characteristics that help make the roads a safer place. But it takes a combination of smart assistance systems and our premium tires to deliver maximum safety”, says Dr. Elmar Degenhart, Chairman of the Executive Board of Continental AG.

The Chassis & Safety and Tire Divisions of Continental are partnering the Global NCAP ‘Stop the Crash’ information campaign, an initiative of Global NCAP, the London, UK-based umbrella body of the worldwide NCAP consumer organizations for new-car safety testing. ANCAP, Asean NCAP, China NCAP, Euro NCAP, Japan NCAP, Korea NCAP, Latin NCAP and US NCAP and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), define the standards that vehicles must meet to be awarded top safety rating of five stars. In Europe, crash avoidance and mitigation systems such as adult and child occupant protection systems, pedestrian protection systems and assistance systems such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS), and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) systems are a basic requirement for achieving this rating.

Throughout the ‘Stop the Crash’ campaign, Global NCAP and its partners, including Continental, will be holding driving demonstrations to raise awareness of the benefits of safety technologies that are already being volume-produced and to encourage their adoption in subcompact and compact models too. The regional focus will be on densely populated developing countries, where large numbers of vehicles are sold in these vehicle segments. In terms of vehicle technology the focus will be on ESC, AEBS, and Motorcycle ASB, while on the tire side the importance of adequate tire pressure and tread depth will be highlighted.