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Chassis & Body

Whether it’s a transmission crossbeam or a strut mount: glass fiber-reinforced polyamide makes components lighter.


This strut mount is the world’s first fiberglass-reinforced polyamide strut mount designed for use in the passenger car chassis system. For the front and rear axles, there are different versions. © Continental AG

The latest computer simulation techniques and production processes developed in-house help the developers at Continental to make load-bearing components for mounting engines and in the chassis lighter. The product solutions made from glass fiber-reinforced polyamide include heavy-duty engine mounts as well as structural components such as transmission crossbeams that support forces and torques from the motorized gear unit. The portfolio encompasses more than 30 different designs. More than a million of these are already in use worldwide.

The transmission cross beam is the direct link to the engine-transmission mount. It contributes to the overall rigidity of the vehicle and supports the forces and torque of the engine-transmission unit. Continental has developed a lightweight version: By using fiberglass-reinforced polyamide instead of aluminum, it was possible to reduce the weight of the part by 50 percent. © Continental AG