Surface Materials
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Surface Materials

More comfort, less weight: Continental supplies special lightweight surface materials for door trims or dashboards.

The ultra-light Xpreshn Light and Xpreshn HD Light foils enable vehicle manufacturers to further reduce the weight of their vehicles without their customers having to compromise on quality or even comfort as a result. The materials feel even softer and more pleasant than other foil products. They are lighter and also have a better CO2 footprint. Xpreshn HD is up to 60 percent lighter than comparable products and Xpreshn HD compact foils have a CO2 footprint that is 31 percent better than PVC slush skins. Another lightweight solution is the Acella Light cover material for seats, consoles and decorative elements. The material weighs 20 percent less than comparable standard surface materials.

We design automotive interiors, upping them to the level of comfort zones – with products of superior quality in terms of appearance and feel to the touch. © Continental AG