Future Perspective

Future Perspective

Our Vision for Tomorrow

Our Vision for Tomorrow

What will our world look like in 2030? This question has been investigated by Continental. The company surveyed some 250 experts who are working on the latest developments in almost all areas of life on a daily basis.

The result is a scenario that describes the not-so-distant future with a whole new level of detail and clarity. You'll find out all there is to know in a series of articles titled “Our Vision for Tomorrow.” Here, we will be presenting selected topics in greater detail at intervals of a few weeks.

Future Perspective

Another important topic for the smart city is smart parking: sensors on the vehicle identify available parking spaces.

Find out more about the topic infrastructure solutions.

The Intelligent Intersection continually maps the surrounding environment and exchanges critical information with connected vehicles in real time. It is a further step on the road to our Vision Zero – accident-free driving.

Find out more about road safety thanks to connectivity.

In the year 2030, drivers will know exactly what to expect around the next corner. The vehicles keep you up to date of what's coming. The intersection of the future recognizes its surroundings and communicates permanently with all road users.
Find out more about the intelligent intersection for the Smart City.

Intelligent Charging

A big city in the year 2030: charging stations are no longer connected to power tanks through connectors, instead they are connected to parking places with inductive charging areas. 

Find out more about intelligent charging of the future.

New Drive Systems - New Vehicle Concepts?

If electric vehicles worldwide are conquering the roads, what does this trend mean for tires?

New drive systems and new vehicle concepts will gradually change the requirements for tires.

Continental Focuses on Diversity

In the tire business, mixing it up is well known. This also applies to the long-term alignment of Continental.

Find out more about our solutions for a future with fewer emissions.

Package robot for the last mile: Our vision of seamless mobility leads straight to the front door.

Find out more about package robots.

Simply switch to the robo-taxi: They are environmentally friendly, flexible, safe, and therefore suitable for a wide range of transport tasks. 

Find out more about robo-taxis.

A relaxed car journey in the year 2030: A car, which can drive itself on your request, is the ultimate day-to-day companion. 

Find out more about autonomous driving.