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      Elektrifizierung | Electrification

      New Drive Systems - New Vehicle Concepts?

      If electric vehicles worldwide are conquering the roads, what does this trend mean for tires? Our experts at Continental are convinced: On a temporary basis, electrically powered vehicles can be fitted with conventional tires. The new drive systems and new vehicle concepts will gradually change the requirements. Electric vehicles are comparatively quiet on the road. But for us, this means that tire noise may become an issue. So we need to make the tires quieter. Another issue is wear. After all, the torque of the electric motors during acceleration is higher than in conventional combustion engines.

      So far, the Continental team has been relying on the “tall and narrow concept”: tires developed in accordance with this principle have a very large diameter and a comparatively narrow width. Thanks to these special dimensions, the developers can significantly reduce rolling resistance in order to increase the range and reduce energy consumption. 

      With the Conti Urban HA3, Continental has already launched the first optimized tire for electric buses in urban traffic. Other promising approaches are currently being tested, especially as the tires are becoming increasingly intelligent thanks to sensor technology and vehicle electronics.

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