OUR Basics live


Functioning communities are based on shared values. In the case of Continental, these are: Trust, Passion To Win, Freedom To Act and For One Another. But are they also being lived out in everyday practice? 

Our BASICS are the basis for our success as a company. They describe our vision, our mission, our four values and the behavior we desire to cultivate. In short, they define what Continental stands for, what drives us forward and how we want to work together. 

OUR BASICS Live is an important tool for improving our corporate culture and for cooperation within the company. Since as early 2004 we have been surveying our employees on a regular basis to ascertain their experiences of their direct working environment; what they value about their work, working conditions, the company and its culture; and where there is still room for improvement. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. In previous years, we invited all employees around the world to take part every two to three years. Since 2017, the survey has been carried out annually with a representative sample of the workforce. This enables us to identify potential improvements faster and implement changes more quickly.


Positive evaluation of leadership

In 2017, we asked around a quarter of employees for their opinion on 50 questions. 74% of these employees took part in the survey. The results included the following: employee loyalty to the company is very positive; 84% of respondents are proud to work at Continental; 86% support our corporate values. At the same time, 63% stated that these values are practiced on an everyday basis – a decline of six percentage points compared to the 2015 survey. However, it should be noted that in our survey a neutral answer is classified as a negative opinion. Leadership was evaluated positively. 84% of the employees surveyed agreed that their superiors treated them with respect. Two-thirds of the respondents feel encouraged to give their best and to question traditional working methods.