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      Environmental Strategy

      Whereas in the early years the focus of our environmental strategy lay on conserving finite resources together with reducing harmful emissions and the company’s environmental footprint, its scope now goes way beyond these objectives. Sustainable management at all stages of the value chain and throughout the entire life cycles of our products is now an essential part of our philosophy.

      Our 2020 environmental strategy, which sets out clear objectives, key figures, and measures, forms the framework for our environmental management activities. In 2016, we started updating our environmental strategy for the time up to 2030, aligning ourselves with the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

      By committing ourselves to extensive sustainability goals, we are not only acting responsibly toward the environment and society – we are also acting in the interests of creating value for our company. We see challenges such as climate change, globalization, and urbanization as opportunities. These opportunities require our innovative prowess in order to develop innovative technologies and efficient products.

      Working with our suppliers

      Our environmental strategy also involves working with our suppliers. We demand and encourage comprehensive environmental management. Where necessary, we help our suppliers to develop appropriate energy and environmental management systems – via joint projects, training sessions, and workshops, for example. Areas of focus for the workshops and training sessions include reduction of CO2 emissions, water management, waste prevention, and the adoption of environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001.