Human Rights

Respecting Human Rights

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights requires each individual, every organ of society and, by extension, economic agents and businesses, to contribute towards the observation of these rights. This is a primary concern at Continental as well. We are convinced that a commitment to observing human rights and the strengthening of political freedoms encourage a society's economic development, particularly by improving investment opportunities, freedom of movement and educational prospects for labor.

As an international corporation, we at Continental feel duty bound to actively promote the observation of human rights where we can. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Continental has a series of voluntary initiatives, including public-private partnerships, with which we take on responsibility for ensuring that human rights are put into practice. The guiding principle here is that a company and its regional branches can only contribute towards compliance with human rights as a complement to politics, not as a replacement of it. The Corporation ensures that it does not contribute towards any human rights infringements within its sphere of influence, particularly with regard to forced, compulsory or child labor.