Dr. Ariane Reinhart, Executive Board member for Human Relations, and Ulf Günzel, quality manager production, both support OUR BASICS live 2015 employee survey.

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Employees Are Proud to Belong to Continental

Over 80 percent of our employees took part in the “OUR BASICS live” employee survey

85 percent of those who took part supported Continental's corporate values

Trust is the value most often put into practice

Hanover, November 3, 2015. In the 2015 “OUR BASICS live” employee survey, the vast majority – over 80 percent – of employees said they were proud to work for Continental. This result is once again around 10 percentage points higher than the previous survey carried out in 2011. This year, over 140,000 employees across the world took part in the anonymous survey. The questions mainly focused on corporate culture, working conditions, and management behavior, and for the third time in a row, there was a participation rate of over 80 percent.

“The results of the survey show that our employees are proud of Continental and proud to be part of the company. By taking part in the “OUR BASICS live” survey, they have shown their commitment to Continental, because we can only continue to develop together if we receive feedback. This makes the responses from our employees really important to us. By participating in “OUR BASICS live” and subsequent discussions, our employees are taking advantage of one of the many opportunities to shape the company and actively contribute to its success,” explains Continental Executive Board member for Human Relations Dr. Ariane Reinhart.

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How has the way the corporate values at Continental are experienced developed over the last few years? This question was a key focus of the 2015 “OUR BASICS live” employee survey. 85 percent of Continental employees stated that they fully support the four values of Trust, Passion To Win, Freedom To Act, and For One Another. “Based on my own personal experience during my first year at Continental, I can confirm this endorsement of our corporate values. Wherever I am in the business world, these values appear to be a uniting element at all of our sites. They give us a shared DNA and help build a community across international borders,” says Reinhart.

For employees, Trust is the most important value, followed by Passion To Win, then Freedom To Act, and For One Another. “This is a great result for us. After all, Trust is the basis for all internal and external relationships,” states Reinhart. “And we understand that values create value. At Continental, the constant further development of our corporate culture is not an end in itself, but part of our innovative prowess and future viability. We can only be successful in the long term if we are prepared to question traditions and work For One Another across traditional boundaries.”

Employees see a need for improvement when it comes to integrating the corporate values into day-to-day work. “This sends us a clear message. We must continue to work on the culture of feedback in everyday working life, as feedback from employees is crucial for management personnel at all levels. After all, they are the ones who know exactly where the problems lie and what caused them. Therefore, together with their teams, our management personnel analyze the results of “OUR BASICS live” – as a Continental check-up – topic by topic and area by area. This is something we do with our heart and our mind,” explains Reinhart.