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ContiTech Donates Lifeboat and Protective Suit to DLRG Northeim

At the traditional Dragon Boat Cup in Northeim, Dr. Thomas Perković, ContiTech plant manager in Northeim, presented DLRG Ortsgruppe Northeim with a lifeboat and a protective suit. The life raft produced by Grabner and the protective suit manufactured by Kallweit are especially suitable for water rescue and will be used at Lake Kiessee in Northeim. These items were crafted from ultra-lightweight, robust technical fabrics produced by Elastomer Coatings at the Northeim site.

The first chairman of DLRG OG Northeim, Sven Guse, was visibly delighted when Perković presented him with a 4.75 x 1.6 meter Ranger SL life raft and a protective suit specially designed for use in the water. “As a non-profit organization, we are grateful for all the support we receive. We are of course particularly ecstatic to receive a donation of this magnitude as we are only able to reliably do our job if we have the right equipment,” said Guse.

Dr. Thomas Perković (right) and employees from the Northeim plant presented DLRG with a lifeboat and a protective suit. © Continental

“It is immensely important to us to demonstrate our commitment to the region. In this case, we were able to do something for a good cause using our very own products,” stated Perković. Both the life raft and the protective suit were made using technical fabrics produced in Northeim. The rubber compounds used are extremely hard-wearing, weather- and sea water-resistant, and offer optimum protection.

Aside from the donation, ContiTech also entered its own teams in the regatta. “The interest in this sporting event is growing year on year,” said Sabrina Randolph enthusiastically. She works for the Customer Support department at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings, which has been organizing participation in and training for the regatta since the very first Dragon Boat Cup in 2013. This year, the company entered four teams – one from Elastomer Coatings, Conveyor Belt Group and Vibration Control as well as a mixed team from Industrial Fluid Systems and Mobile Fluid Systems. The mixed team called “Conti Schlauch” reached place five followed by “VC Seahorse“ (11), “Conveyor Pirates“ (14) and “Conti Sharks“ (17). In total 32 teams did compete.