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Heading to ‘Vision Zero’: Continental Celebrates the Fifth Anniversary of Youth Safe-Driving Program

  • Committing to realize the goal of ‘Vision Zero’, Continental launches its fifth Youth Safe-Driving Program, featuring enriched training initiatives, extended public engagement channels and expanded participation.
  • Road Rage – a growing cause of traffic accidents in China – is added to the program as the sixth safe driving habit, alongside the original five.
  • A Survey on Awareness and Behavior Survey on Safe-Driving among Youth in Four Cities reflects the pressing necessity of continuous road safety education among the young generation.

Shanghai, China, 20 September 2016 – Continental, a world leading technology company in mobility, today marked the fifth anniversary and 2016 kickoff event of its Youth Safe-Driving Program in Baodi Plaza. Representatives from Yangpu District People's Government, Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Police Corps, the General Office of Shanghai Municipal Committee for Guiding Cultural and Ethical Progress, the Communist Youth League organization of Shanghai, as well as Safe Kids (China) and volunteers also attended the ceremony.

The Youth Safe-Driving Program, initiated together by Continental and Safe Kids Worldwide (China), started first in 2012 aiming to raise road safety awareness among young drivers and promote correct safe-driving habits under the theme of “Be a Responsible Young Driver”. The program has been successfully launched in thirteen cities, benefitting around 67,000 young people with the help of more than 330 core volunteers' efforts over the past five years.

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For 2016, the program will be launched with enriched training, an additional driving habit focused on combating road rage, extended public engagement channels including the opening of a new public volunteer application tool on the campaign website, and expanded participation in locations in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin and Changchun. During the ceremony, three student volunteers, Ms. Su Linyi of Sichuan University, Mr. Chen Houming of Yancheng Institute of Technology and Mr. Cai Qiaowei of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, were awarded as Youth Safe-Driving Volunteer Leaders, in recognition of their previous excellent performance. The three parties of program initiator, training tutor and partnered university also received a Five-Years’ Contribution Award for their devoted efforts and contributions.

“Continental has long been devoted to promoting the ‘Safety for Everyone’ concept to all corners of society,” said Dr. Ralf Cramer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG and President & CEO of Continental China. “For Continental, safety is a communications task that goes far beyond our role in developing the technologies. We could not be more proud of the role we have played in fostering the program and in teaming up with partners like Safe Kids (China) over the past five years. As a responsible corporate citizen, Continental is determined to put sustainable investments into this program and continue our shared responsibilities to realize the goal of ‘Vision Zero’: zero accidents on the road.”

According to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Public Security Ministry of China, police have dealt with nearly 17.33 million cases involving illegal road rage in China in 2015, a rise of 2.8% on the previous year. The Fifth Youth Safe-Driving Program sets its sights on this growing problem and added ‘No Road Rage’ as the sixth safe driving habit in addition to the current five of: No Alcohol Drinking, No Speeding, No Distractions, Use Safety Belt and Driveway Safety. Through creative video and eye-catching Virtual Reality technology, the program delivers an immersive experience and gives participants a better understanding of the possible dangers of road rage.

A Survey on Awareness and Behavior Survey on Safe-Driving among Youth in Four Cities targeted over 3,000 college students at campuses in Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin and Yancheng. The survey, which is conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide (China), revealed that only 43.8 percent of interviewees recognized the seriousness of road accidents. Moreover, the students admitted to varying degrees that they had been involved in dangerous driving behaviors such as drunk driving, not wearing a seat belt, or being distracted by cell phones. Recognizing the challenge brought by a fast-evolving road environment, this year’s program has expanded its footprint nationwide on the basis of previous partnerships, developing new collaborations with universities and Continental locations in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin and Changchun.

Ms. Monica Cui, Chief Representative and Executive Director of Safe Kids Worldwide (China) said, “Leveraging the latest influential research findings alongside our global experience, we’ve developed a ‘train the trainer’ mechanism and have formed a team of well-educated volunteer trainers that span all of our partner universities and plants. The program has made noteworthy achievements in China, for which we owe much thanks to the continued efforts of Continental and our many volunteers.”

The program saw a rapid rise in student volunteers to over 330 core volunteers, who play a key role in the program. Mr. Cai Qiaowei, Youth Safe-Driving Volunteer Leader from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology said, “As both an university stundentand a young driver, I feel it a responsibility to share the six safe driving habits with my friends and family, to promote safe-driving behavior among young drivers like me. The behavior-oriented training program has a profound effect on influencing our driving habits. I am extremely honored to be named in the 1st group of Youth Safe-Driving Volunteer Leaders, and I’d like to continue doing so as a ‘senior team member’ in the future!”