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New Reading Room for Primary School Hit by Tornado in Yancheng City

  • The new reading room offers a better learning environment in the new semester for pupils in this school affected by the tornado in Yancheng City.

Yancheng, China - On October 25th, 2016, the new reading room donated by global leading technology company Continental to Funing Shuoji Central Primary School was completed. Leaders of Funing ministry of education, leaders of Funing Shuoji Central Primary School and the management team of Continental

In June, a powerful tornado accompanied by heavy rainfalls ripped through some areas of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province and caused such damages as collapse of houses, casualties, disrupted roads and damaged communication facilities. Continental showed great concerns for people in the disaster area. On the opening date of Continental Yancheng Test Center in July

Nearly 500 new books conducive to elementary school students Mr Liu Yong, Principalof Funing Shuoji Central Primary School commented, ?s Chassis & Safety Division in China attended the unveiling ceremony. Present at the ceremony were also students and teachers of the school and staff volunteer representatives of Continental China. Enno Tang, head of Continental Chassis & Safety Division China, said, "We hope to make our efforts to provide a better learning environment for this primary school striken by the YanCheng tornado early this summer and help those kids grow with fitness and joy to make their dreams come true in the future. We will pay constant attention to the kids in this school’s and organize our staff volunteers regularly to come here for donations and other activities.", Continental announced a plan to donate RMB100,000 to children and students in the affected area in the hope of helping the tornado-hit school, thus enabling children to live and study as usual in the new semester.’education and growth were brought to fill the new reading room. Continental also collected several hundred books from a caring book donation organized across all Continental bases in China. “Although we experienced the ruthlessness of the nature in recent disasters, we have also be deeply drawn by the kindness and warmth of kind-hearted people through their good deeds after this tornado. We really appreciate the new reading room and new books brought by Continental. This is the very resource we need for the construction of a multi-channel educational environment. As a school with more than 100 years’history, we regard students’ integration and healthy growth as part of our teaching aims. In addition, we will be more than happy to see Continental?s employees and volunteers back here.”