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Eislingen Supports Children's Hospital

Once again, Benecke-Kaliko’s Eislingen plant is providing financial support to the tune of 2,000 euros to the Friends of Alb Fils Hospitals. This sum comes largely from the proceeds of the annual Christmas party. The workforce did not hold back when it came to buying tombola tickets in a good cause and also added the revenue from the sale of drinks to the donation. The total was then also topped up by the company.

Senior physician Birgit Mattulat from the Göppingen Children’s Hospital (2nd from left) together with Chairman of the Works Council Mehmet Dikme, Plant Manager Jörg Fröhlich and HR Manager Sandra Kurzer (from left) at the presentation of the check. Photo: ContiTech © Continental

The donation is to be used for the benefit of the Am Eichert Children’s Hospital in Göppingen. Some of it would be used to equip a child-friendly treatment room, declared senior physician Birgit Mattulat at the presentation of the donation. But the hospital’s clowns and horse riding therapy also rely on donations.

Benecke-Kaliko regularly donates to social care organizations in the region. This is the second time that Friends of Alb Fils Hospitals has been a recipient. “We know they’ll make good use of the money,” declares Plant manager Jörg Fröhlich.