Special Hands
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Special.Hands: Team Turns Kitchen in Children’s Home into Playroom

Tires from the Commercial Specialty Tires (CST) unit are there when it comes to special applications: for forklifts, tractors and harvesters, port and earth-moving vehicles – basically all machinery and vehicles that are driven where the road ends. 

The CST management team around Enno Straten showed how to tackle special tasks that have nothing to do with vehicles, equipment or tires. At its annual strategy meeting, the team called the Special.Hands initiative to life. “We are so blessed in so many ways, and we have so many reasons to be happy – but unfortunately, not all can say that to the same extent,” said Straten. “That’s why we wanted to give something back to society.”

Instead of the usual team-building activities, the team visited a children’s home in Nordhausen and renovated an old kitchen, turning it into a playroom. The sterile and cold room became a colorful space where children can now play, be creative, paint, or do crafts. “Seeing the kids so happy was worth all the effort. My thanks go to the entire team for their support and hard work, and I hope to see many more similar projects in the future,” Straten concluded.