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Accolades for Mexican Locations

In April 2018, the Mexican Continental locations of La Tijera and Periférico were awarded the highest level of certification for their environmental performance by the Federal Bureau for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA - Procuraduría de Protección al Ambiente). 

PROFEPA monitors and controls compliance with environmental regulations in Mexico. PROFEPA has also developed the national environmental audit program. The main objective of the audit program is to implement a voluntary process to encourage companies—in addition to compliance with the law—to introduce production processes that go well beyond the statutory standards. To this end, a certification standard was introduced that takes into account two levels of environmental performance: Level 1 is the minimum a company needs to be awarded the certificate, while Level 2 is the highest level recognized by the federal government. 

The two sites in La Tijera and Periférico reached Level 2 in the “Industria Limpia” (clean industry) category. Thus, their high commitment to the environment has also been recognized by third-party experts.