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Management Development ISO Certified

Hanover, December 6, 2018 In order to improve management development and ensure high quality human resources development, Continental has undergone an audit by TÜV Nord in Germany for certification in accordance with ISO 29990. DIN ISO 29990 is a quality management system for training and continued professional development that focuses on the learning process and how to improve it.

In early May 2018, Continental underwent the first audit by TÜV Nord. After four weeks of improvement and fine-tuning, management development was certified in mid-June after the planned second audit.


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Our management development and management architecture serves not only to handle a variety of challenges and requirements regarding the work environment. It also contributes to one of Continental's core initiatives: Quality. Certification in accordance with DIN ISO 29990 is evidence that we offer our employees the highest quality human resources development, and also that we are consistently improving the level of quality in our management development.