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      Ratings und Indizes

      Ratings and Indices

      By participating in sustainability initiatives and being evaluated by rating agencies, Continental demonstrates that sustainability goals and topics are anchored in its corporate strategy.


      Continental has been participating in the CDP’s annual reporting and disclosure of climate-related data for more than 10 years. In 2021, Continental again received an “A” score as a global leader for actions and strategies to reduce emissions in the supply chain (Leadership status) for the fourth time in a row. Continental scored a “B” for its efforts in the field of climate protection. In the category of sustainable water management, Continental’s actions and data also scored a “B.”


      ECPI Ethical Emu Equity Index

      ECPI is a mix between rating agency and index provider from Italy focused on the areas of environment, society and corporate governance. Since 2011, Continental has been listed on various ECPI Sustainability Indices.

      Continental is currently listed on the following ECPI Indices:

      1. ECPI World ESG Equity
      2. ECPI Euro ESG Equity
      3. ECPI Ethical Emu Equity
      4. ECPI Euro Ethical Equity


      Continental is included in the FTSE4Good Index Series. Only companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices are included in these indices.


      Since 2018 Continental has been rated as 'BBB' by MSCI ESG Research. MSCI is one of the worldwide leading providers of analysis and ratings about the environmental, social and governance performance of companies.


      oekom research

      Since June 2013 Continental has been rated as 'C+' 'Prime' by oekom research.oekom research AG has worked as a rating agency in the field of sustainable investment since 1993 and was one of the leading sources of information about the social and ecological performance of companies, industries, and countries. Oekom Research is part of the institutional shareholder service since March of 2018




      Sustainalytics is one of the largest sustainability rating agencies. The company supports investors worldwide in developing and implementing responsible strategies. Sustainalytics evaluates the sustainability performance of companies every two years. In 2021, Continental was rated as follows

      • Low ESG Risk (13.2)
      • Industry Group Auto Components: Rank 10 out of 210
      • Subindustry Auto Parts: Rank 6 out of 181